Wednesday 15 February 2012

How to stop Arsene Wenger ever hiring you, by Dennis Bergkamp Esq / Milan thoughts

Oh, Dennis, what have you done?

My heart was trembling at the thought of you and Bouldie forming a mean, lean coaching double act if Pat Rice retires in the summer.

And then you go and say things like this to the Daily Telegraph:

“Sometimes you need more of a winning mentality than a passing mentality,” Bergkamp argues.

“I’m not sure Arsenal have enough of that in their players, when the attitude becomes more important than the ability just to pass the ball...

“…Sometimes I see their games and it’s always the same way of playing, a bit too predictable.”

Aaaargh!!! Yes, every sane supporter must agree with you what you’re saying but there is one man that runs the show round here and Arsene isn’t known for his love of dissenting voices.

Admittedly he also lauds the boss and the players as ‘fantastic’ but the headlines are out there now and I fear Dennis’ fate is sealed – we won’t be seeing him back at Ashburton Grove any time soon.

More’s the pity as he speaks real sense and we could do with some fresh thinking – the interview is heartily recommended.

Beware Milan’s jokers in the pack
I wish I had more time to preview tonight’s game. Having seen Milan’s last few games on TV they look very beatable.

But as any Milan fan would point out they have been missing half a team, including Kevin Prince Boateng and, for a match and a half after getting sent off, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Given Pato is not expected to return from injury and Robinho’s form is truly dreadful, these are the two that worry me. We could get sucked into a tedious stalemate only for one of them to come up with a touch of genius and make a difference.

Otherwise, let’s hope the boys believe in themselves. We’ve already helped knock out the German champions when no-one really expected us to – we can do the same to Italy’s finest.

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