Monday 3 May 2010

Another Arsenal blog! Putting quality over quantity…

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Welcome to A is for Arsenal, the newest blog about the world’s greatest football club.

Although by the time you’ve read the end of this entry (or maybe even the end of this sentence) it probably won’t be the newest blog about Arsenal. Which begs the question: Why bother creating and reading another one?

It’s a question I’ve been mulling over for some time. The short reasoning behind creating it is: it’s a free world, I like writing about Arsenal and think some of the other blogs about the Arse out there aren’t worth the LCD monitor screens they are burning. Plus, if nothing else, this will act as a journal for me to log my thoughts as the weeks, months and, hopefully, seasons progress so I’ll be able to remind myself what I thought.

And why bother reading it? I will try to say original things in a readable and effort-free way. You won’t find this site as a source for daily news or match reports about Arsenal but should try and drop in every now and again and see what I think.

Below are a few golden rules that I will be following in writing entries which will give a flavour of how I’ll be doing things.

Never be driven by clicks. Headlines like ‘Arsene Wenger reveals £100m Arsenal transfer plans’ are designed to tempt idiots like me to click on them, learn nothing and add another figure to the website’s user numbers to impress advertisers. Admittedly I should have learnt by now not to bother clicking them in the first place but, nonetheless, there won’t be anything like that on here – headlines may be designed to be eye-catching but will never mislead.

No news summaries. I’ve got better things to do and you already know where to find Arsenal facts and speculation.

Try to be vaguely intelligent and original. Say something that isn’t being said already.

No 2,000 word essays. Just because I’ve got a blog doesn’t mean I have to indulge in overblown treaties on the state of the game. Keep everything readable in less than three minutes, five minutes tops. At the top of each story you’ll find a word count and estimated reading time (based at the Wikipedia suggested average of 250 wpm) to show how easy it is to digest.

No spurious transfer speculation. Sometimes I’ll comment on who I do and don’t think we should buy but only when it’s worth it, not responding to every piece of rumour.

Nothing to say? Say nothing. If the world of Arsenal is quiet, you won’t hear me making unnecessary noises just because there’s a blog to fill.

This is a fascinating period in Arsenal’s modern history on and off the pitch so, fingers crossed, there will be plenty of interesting developments to cover. I hope you follow my views on them at A is for Arsenal.

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